16 April 2019/ rent_office

What do you need to know about renting a private office space?

Private offices

For years the trend has been towards big open-plan offices. Landlords and tenants love them because they maximise the use of the space, and for staff members they provide an open space that’s good for socializing and mixing with their colleagues.

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There are plenty of good reasons why a company would be better off in a smaller, private office, or an office that includes cubicles and private rooms. We take a look at the benefits of taking a private office.

7 Stamford Works An example of a private office: 7 Stamford Works, Gillett St N16

What is a private office?

The office market has diversified, with conventional offices, serviced offices, shared workspace facilities and hybrid models now on offer in most big cities. A private office could just be a small single-room space for a small company, a private space within a larger serviced office building, or a larger open-plan that has been divided up by cubicles or individual executive suites. But what they all have in common is the luxury of privacy and confidentiality: no sharing with other companies, no big open-plan environment and the noise and bustle that can bring.

Does it cost more?

It depends on what option you take, but generally to get private space will cost more. For example, an office which is divided up by cubicles will fit fewer people per square foot, so you will need a larger space. A small company can cut costs by sharing a single office with another business of the same size, but this takes away the element of privacy.

A compromise can be to rent space within a larger serviced office building: there are plenty of options in London, within buildings which offer shared workspace, hot-desking facilities, alongside private rented offices on a lease. This has the added advantage of coming with existing facilities such as wifi, electricity, toilets, often a café and kitchens, already in place.

16a Newman StreetAn example of a private office: 16A Newman Street, Fitzrovia W1T 1PB

What sort of leases are on offer?

The diversification of office spaces has naturally led to an increase in the number of different leases, reflecting the spectrum of different options for tenants. Unlike taking ‘pay as you go’ desk space in a serviced office or shared workspace, private offices tend to require more of a commitment – typically around 12 months. But with such high demand for flexibility – particularly in London where there are so many young start-up companies and an increasing number of serviced office players – over time landlords are having to offer more favorable terms to be competitive.

Where can I find private offices in London?

Realla has hundreds of great offices listed on its search pages, with a huge range of options for private office space, to suit all tastes and budgets. Check out this page to see the full range, get a better idea of what’s out there, and find out what type of leases are on offer. We currently have over 350 private offices in central London alone. The search engine includes powerful tools to help you refine your search, showing you private offices by area, price and size and facilities, alongside in-depth guides to individual areas in our Market Data section.

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