25 April 2019/ For CRE Professionals

How Instant Offices and Realla work together to drive more online enquiries

In today’s competitive market environment, the first battle is often to be seen at all. Optimising your website for search engine queries and using paid search to generate leads and publicity can often be the difference between driving growth and plateauing.

This is especially true in the real estate space, where digital marketing and SEO have largely replaced the more traditional methods of getting out there and knocking on doors. Today, social media, video, blogs and search engines are the most effective ways of attracting leads and are fast replacing the supremacy of traditional methods such as printed brochures and v-boards

It can be difficult to know where to start. Here’s how Instant Offices and Realla did it.

The Realla and Instant Offices strategy


Instant Offices is a global leader in office brokerage. This means that once Realla generates leads, Instant's sales team pick up the phone 24/7 and work the enquiries hard. Their teams are driven based on commission and conversion rates. As a result, for every 10 enquiries they generate, on average one will lead to a transaction.

What is more, they track every single enquiry from lead to transaction. This means that of the hundreds of transactions they complete each month, they know exactly where their valuable enquiries are coming from - and they seek to maximise their investment on the highest value platforms. For Realla, this means complete transparency. So when we're spending hundreds of thousands on Google advertising, we can be confident that Instant are providing a high level of service to our users, to help them find their next office space.

The Realla lead generation strategy focused on a number of key areas. The first step involves taking part in an affiliate programme created by Instant Offices. Affiliate marketing involves one company paying a commission to other online entities for referring new business to them. Instant Offices offers businesses a quick and reliable way to find a new home, making them a great fit for Realla.

With 61% of all B2B transactions start online (“On the verge - B2B Digital Commerce is at an Inflection Point”, Accenture Interactive, 2018), putting in place an effective SEO strategy is an essential part of growing your website traffic. In order to make sure your website appears when people make relevant queries through a search engine, you need to focus on creating useful and quality content on your site. This allows the algorithms that search engines use to rank sites to classify yours as more useful to searchers.

To do this, Realla focuses on two things: creating high-quality content aimed at answering search engine queries and paid search. The first part is primarily based around the company blog, and requires an understanding of what kind of information people are searching for. This is what search analytics is for.

Realla’s paid search strategy involves paying to display ads on search engine results pages for relevant search queries. This form of advertising usually works off a pay-per-click model, where the advertiser doesn’t pay until someone clicks on the ad and is taken through to their website.

Skill and investment


There is a lot of competition on search engine results, and companies need to have clear goals of what they want to achieve. They also need to build their skills and invest in education to make sure they keep up with a fast developing world of digital marketing.

The majority of leads will start on the internet these days. People are much more likely to search online something from the comfort of their own homes as a first step than they are to use any other method of research. Presenting these people with a high quality and relevant answer to their question early and giving them a clear route forward is critically important to real estate businesses.