Do you need a digital marketing specialist for your commercial property agency? - part 2
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14 December 2017/ For CRE Professionals

Do you need a digital marketing specialist for your commercial property agency? - part 2

In part 1 of this piece, we talked about the pivotal role a digital marketer can and should play in helping agencies generate leads and grow business. Either through email marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click), a good digital marketing specialist can have a tremendous impact on your business in this day and age of digital transformation.


Here are some more tasks carried out by a digital marketing specialist:


  • Search engine marketing – There are two main facets to Search Engine Marketing: firstly, optimising your website content for searches and, secondly, PPC, otherwise known as paid advertising through platforms, such as Google Adwords. Doing this isn’t easy – the rules seem to change from month to month, so it can take years of creating and manipulating content as part of your digital transformation to see real benefits.
The main difference between PPC and SEO is the fact the first one involves
allocating a budget and the second one one relies on organic growth.


Adwords can deliver results quickly. You will see the boost in traffic and 
number of enquires almost immediately after switching your Adwords 
campaign on.


SEO is a long game. Sometimes it takes months to start seeing results. SEO
involves optimising your website content from both the technical perspective and
quality of content.


Think about how you can utilise both techniques to increase the number of 
enquiries and close more deals.
  • Mobile marketing – Your clients are everywhere, so you need to be there too. A digital marketing specialist will make sure people can interact and do business with you wherever they are - on all types of mobile devices.


Of course, doing all of this involves numerous technologies and platforms - and these are tools require the expertise of a digital marketing specialist to understand and implement effectively for your business.


Considering all the above, it is plain to see that digital marketing has become a full time job, and one you simply cannot perform on your own.

If you think about redesigning your company website anytime soon, you might want to consider 
the mobile-first approach. The mobile-first strategy assumes that a website will bedesigned for 
mobile first with all necessary optimisation like lighter web pages and focusing on adaptive design
(size, layout etc.).


With more than 52% of all online searches starting on mobile (as of August 2017), it’s no wonder big 
and small companies are stressing the importance of optimising their web presence for mobile devices. 
Kissmetrics is a great example of the B2B company that lives and breathes the mobile-first approach. 
More about it here.


It all starts with a digital marketing strategy and, if you don’t have one yet, then it might be an idea to start with a specialist or agency who can come in to look at your business model (and at what your competitors are doing) and advise you on what you could be doing better.


In the end, digital marketing is affordable, effective and will deliver a return on your investment. As your agency offers a more interactive experience to prospects, as well as existing clients, you’ll see the rewards in terms of more business and a better bottom line, and when that happens, you’ll find yourself wondering why you never started your digital transformation sooner.


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