23 February 2016/ Press release

Bisnow: How Realla helps real estate professionals - 23/02/2017

Source: https://www.bisnow.com/london/news/technology/how-realla-helps-real-estate-professionals-stop-email-spamming-and-embrace-digital-marketing-70700

"Realla is a game-changing digital marketing solution for commercial real estate. Founded by Ian Parry and Andrew Miles in 2014, the platform makes it easier for agents to reach and maximise leads from the online marketplace. With nearly all CRE leasing and investment deals involving online research, understanding digital marketing can be a game-changer for speed to market, qualified lead generation and business development.

Realla applies the principles of 'inbound marketing to the commercial property marketplace, enabling agents to pull in clients with well-designed media and robust campaign tracking.

Using Realla, agents can create slick one-stop-shop branded micro-sites with every detail of a commercial property in minutes, then syndicate instantly to contact lists, social media and online portals. End-to-end lead tracking and real-time analytics allow agents to reach relevant demand faster and develop expertise in which online channels are most effective."

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