4 October 2017/ Inspirations

8 productivity tools that can save you hours of admin work every day

With emails piling up in your inbox and your calendar filling up with meeting after meeting, you need to take control of the way you manage your time on a daily basis. Your time is valuable and you can’t afford to waste it on tasks that can be automated.

We’ve tested seven great productivity apps that will take away the pain of completing boring admin tasks and free up your time to do things that really matter - closing deals and advising clients.

1) Trove – AI for email (iOS, Android) - from FREE
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Some predict AI will take over the world. But before it does, how about AI for your inbox? Trove is a great app working as an add-on for your email clients like Outlook or Gmail. It uses AI to help you prioritise emails and contacts to ensure you concentrate on important things. But that’s not all. It will help you to explore the network of your entire team and leverage your existing connections to get in front of potential clients.

2) Dropbox/Box/Google Drive (iOS, Android) - from FREE
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As a highly mobile professional, you need easy access to all your important files on the go. Cloud storage software with built-in editing features is the perfect solution for busy individuals like yourself. Apps like Dropbox or Google Drive not only store all your files securely in the cloud but also allow you to access, edit and share on the go. They also allow you to add extra plugins for things like signing documents online.

3) Google Docs - from FREE**
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Collaborating on a report with a client or joint agent? Microsoft Word is no longer the place to do it. In the world beyond commercial property, cloud-based document creation is the norm. No more scrabbling around for the latest version, or waiting until your counterpart has finished “their bit” before you can consolidate. Collaborate together, in real time. Too easy!

4) Realbase (iOS, Android) - from FREE
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The ultimate all-in-one agency software to help you modernise your marketing, streamline process & workflow and centralise your agency data. Manage your day to day agency functions including marketing, requirement pipeline, lease storage, disposal management, workflow and reporting. All in one place with access across desktop, mobile and tablet.

5) Calendly (iOS, Android) - from FREE
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How many times were you caught by surprise in the middle of a meeting by a message from reception telling you a guest is waiting. You can recall a feeling of embarrassment when you excused yourself and rushed to another meeting. With Calendly, you will never again need to endure this feeling. Calendly synchronises with your Outlook or Gmail calendar and allows you to effectively manage your time.

6) Pocket (iOS, Android) - from FREE
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Everyone can relate to a feeling of frustration when you can’t find a link to an article you wanted to send to your boss or share with your colleagues. Pocket allows you to save items like videos, articles and e-books so you can access them when you have a spare few minutes at some point in the future. Imagine neatly storing all property links in one place, ready to show clients, post to social media, save to Realla or have them ready for when you least expect to need them.

7) Accompany (iOS, Android) - from FREE
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Face-to-face and online meeting are an important part of your job. Often you spend a significant chunk of your time preparing for them by researching information about people you’ll be meeting. How about I tell you there is a way to streamline this process? Accompany pulls information from the web, social media and press about a person you’re meeting and displays neatly on the sidebar while you’re replying to the meeting invite.

8) Trello (iOS, Android) - from FREE
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If you’re fed up with keeping long ‘to-do’ lists that go missing all the time, you need a place where all your tasks can be stored and organised by priority by project. No more post-it notes spread all over your desk or missed deadlines. Plus, project management solutions like Trello allow you to seamlessly collaborate with members of your team without sending tons of emails with reminders, tasks or project briefs.